25 Best PC Games to Play with Friends

Playing video games with friends on your PC is a fantastic way to bond, share laughter, and create lasting memories. Whether you’re into cooperative gameplay, competitive battles, or open-world adventures, the world of PC gaming has something for everyone. To help you discover the best multiplayer PC games such as slot  for your next gaming session with friends, we’ve compiled a list of 25 thrilling and engaging titles. Get ready to dive into an immersive gaming experience and have a blast with your friends!

25 Best PC Games to Play with Friends

1. Among Us

Unravel the mystery aboard a spaceship as you figure out who among your friends is the impostor. Engage in deception, strategy, and deduction in this social deduction game.

2. Fortnite

Battle Royale and Creative modes collide in this free-to-play multiplayer game. Team up with friends to be the last squad standing or unleash your creativity in the sandbox mode.

3. Minecraft

Build and explore limitless worlds with your friends in this iconic sandbox game. Work together on massive projects or go on adventures in the vast Minecraft universe.

4. Overcooked 2

Cooperate with your friends in this chaotic cooking simulation game. Work together to prepare and serve dishes while overcoming various kitchen challenges.

5. Terraria

Embark on an epic journey of exploration and adventure in this 2D sandbox game. Discover hidden treasures, defeat powerful foes, and build magnificent structures together.

6. Rocket League

Combine soccer with rocket-powered cars in this thrilling multiplayer game. Team up with friends and score incredible goals in high-octane matches.

7. Grand Theft Auto V

Explore the sprawling open-world of Los Santos with your friends in this action-adventure game. Engage in heists, races, and various activities in multiplayer mode.

8. Apex Legends

Form a squad and battle it out in this fast-paced battle royale game. Choose from a diverse cast of Legends, each with unique abilities, and compete to be the last team standing.

9. Sea of Thieves

Set sail with your crew and become a pirate legend in this cooperative adventure game. Embark on thrilling quests, engage in ship battles, and uncover buried treasures.

10. Left 4 Dead 2

Fight together against hordes of zombies in this cooperative first-person shooter. Teamwork and strategic planning are essential to survive the zombie apocalypse.

11. The Jackbox Party Pack Series

Enjoy a collection of hilarious party games perfect for virtual gatherings. From trivia to drawing challenges, these games are sure to keep everyone entertained.

12. Stardew Valley

Create a thriving farm and live off the land with your friends in this charming farming simulation game. Collaborate on farm chores, explore the village, and build friendships.

13. Human: Fall Flat

Embark on physics-based puzzles and challenges in this quirky multiplayer platformer. Work together to overcome obstacles and reach the end of each level.

14. Don’t Starve Together

Survive the wilderness with your friends in this cooperative survival game. Gather resources, fend off creatures, and build a thriving camp.

15. Risk of Rain 2

Face relentless hordes of monsters in this cooperative roguelike game. Unlock powerful abilities, find loot, and survive as long as possible.

16. Gang Beasts

Engage in hilarious brawls with your friends in this wacky multiplayer party game. Control floppy characters and fight for dominance in absurd arenas.

17. Dead by Daylight

Experience intense horror gameplay in this asymmetrical multiplayer game. Survivors must outwit a deadly killer, while the killer hunts down the survivors.

18. Overwatch

Form a team of heroes with unique abilities and battle it out in this team-based first-person shooter. Coordinate strategies and conquer the objectives.

19. Destiny 2

Embark on epic space adventures as Guardians in this online multiplayer shooter. Complete missions, raids, and explore the vast universe together.

20. Borderlands 3

Gear up for mayhem in this cooperative first-person shooter. Plunder loot, defeat enemies, and explore diverse landscapes with your friends.

21. Payday 2

Plan and execute thrilling heists with your crew in this cooperative first-person shooter. Work together to pull off elaborate robberies and escape the law.

22. Monster Hunter: World

Team up with friends to hunt powerful monsters in this action-packed RPG. Coordinate attacks and gather resources to craft better gear.

23. Warframe

Become a space ninja and battle hordes of enemies in this cooperative third-person shooter. Master unique Warframes and work together to complete missions.

24. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Compete in hilarious and chaotic obstacle courses in this battle royale party game. Only one can be the ultimate winner!

25. Battlefield V

Experience epic battles in World War II settings with your friends in this first-person shooter. Work as a squad and conquer the battlefield together.


Q: Can these PC games be played online with friends?

Yes, the majority of the listed PC games support online multiplayer, allowing you to connect and play with friends from around the world.

Q: Are these games suitable for all skill levels?

Many of these games offer adjustable difficulty levels and are designed to accommodate players of various skill levels, making them enjoyable for both beginners and experienced gamers.

Q: Can I play these games on different platforms?

Some of the games on the list are cross-platform, meaning you can play with friends on different platforms, while others may be limited to specific platforms.

Q: Do I need powerful hardware to run these games?

While some games may have higher system requirements, many of the listed titles are optimized to run on a wide range of PC configurations.

Q: Are there in-game purchases or microtransactions?

Some of the games may offer optional in-game purchases or microtransactions for cosmetic items, expansions, or additional content.

Q: Can I host private game sessions?

In most multiplayer games, you can create private game sessions and invite your friends to play together exclusively.


With these 25 best PC games to play with friends, you have a diverse selection of thrilling and engaging titles to explore. Whether you’re collaborating on epic quests, facing off in intense battles, or laughing at hilarious mishaps, these multiplayer games like slot gacor are sure to create memorable and exciting gaming moments with your friends. So, gather your gaming crew, fire up your PCs, and embark on extraordinary adventures together!

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