Transforming Your Living Area into a Command Center: The Best and Worst Practices of Video Wall Mounts

Picture yourself relaxing on the sofa, delighting in your preferred video game on a display. There is no need to strain your eyes to catch small elements or feel excluded during multiplayer matches. That’s the magic of video wall mounts – transforming your living room into a supersized entertainment zone! But before you grab your toolbox and start drilling holes everywhere, hold on to your virtual joysticks! Conquering the world of video wall mounts requires some strategy.

Here’s your ultimate guide, packed with do’s and don’ts, to turning your home into a techie’s dream (without the nightmare of a collapsed TV wall!).


  • Pick Your Players (Screens, That Is):  Video wall mounts aren’t one-size-fits-all. They’re designed for specific TV sizes and weights. Before you mount anything, choose your dream team of flat-screen warriors. Make sure they’re all the same size and weight – a mismatched squad might cause your fancy mount to tilt like a seesaw on a bumpy playground!
  • Measure Twice, Drill Once: This golden rule applies tenfold to video wall mounts. Grab a measuring tape and map out exactly where each screen will go. Remember, precision is key! A crooked TV wall is like a wonky game of Tetris – frustrating and totally avoidable.
  • Befriend the Stud Finder: Consider studs like the hidden support beams behind your walls. They’re the strong, silent heroes who hold everything up. Using a stud finder ensures you’re drilling screws into those sturdy beams, not just empty air (which won’t hold your precious TV collection!).
  • Embrace the Levels: A level is your secret weapon for a perfectly aligned TV wall mount. Imagine all your screens looking like a perfectly straight line of dominoes—that’s the goal! A level helps you achieve this by ensuring each bracket is mounted perfectly horizontally.
  • Think Like a Cable Ninja:  No one wants a tangled mess of wires behind their epic TV wall. Plan your cable management strategy. Consider using cable channels, clips, or even zip ties to keep those wires organized and out of sight. A clean setup keeps things looking sleek and professional!


  • Go Rogue with Weight Limits:  Every video wall mount has a weight limit. Don’t be a rebel and try to mount a giant TV on a mount meant for a lightweight monitor. This is a recipe for disaster (and a potentially broken TV!).
  • Skip the Instructions:  We get it; instruction manuals can be a pain. But trust us, the instructions for your video wall mount are there for a reason! They will lead you through the setup procedure systematically, conserving your time and annoyance, and maybe a visit to the equipment shop for alternative components.
  • Forget the Helping Hand:  Unless you possess superhuman strength, don’t attempt to install a video wall mount alone. Grab a friend or get a helping hand. Two heads (and sets of arms) are always better than one, especially when holding heavy TVs and manoeuvring them into place.
  • Skimp on Quality:  A video wall mount is an investment. Avoid being tempted by the cheapest option on the market. A flimsy mount could put your precious TVs at risk. Look for mounts made from sturdy materials with good reviews.
  • Ignore Safety:  Safety first, always! Ensure that the selected mount is suitable for the dimensions and load of your television. Use the right tools, and don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a certified installer if you are uncertain.

Bonus Tip: Think Beyond the Living Room! Video wall mounts are not only for gamers. You can use them in a school for engaging education, a meeting room for influential demonstrations, or even a store to exhibit attention-grabbing exhibits. The opportunities are infinite!

So, are you ready to transform your space into a tech haven? With careful planning, the right tools, and a healthy dose of these do’s and don’ts, you can conquer the world of video wall mounts and create an entertainment experience that’s truly out of this world! Remember, a little planning goes a long way, and with the right approach, your video wall won’t be a game over but a total game changer for your home!

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